‘Halo Infinite’ bug removes aim assist

PC players may finally be at a disadvantage

A new bug in Halo Infinite is causing PC players to lose aim assist when using a controller rather than mouse and keyboard.

Halo Infinite, the upcoming instalment in 343 Industries’ popular Halo franchise, officially launched its multiplayer beta earlier this week. But some PC players have spotted a bit of an issue when using a controller.

A new bug causes aim assist to deactivate when using a gamepad. But when checking the game’s settings, it appears to still be enabled.


This forces PC players to play without aim assist, or log out and back in. Thankfully, the cause of the bug has been identified, and while there’s not an official fix just yet, it looks as though players have figured out a workaround.

What causes the Halo Infinite aim assist bug?

It’s thought that the aim assist bug starts when players move past the game’s title screen. Halo Infinite prompts the player to press start on their controller (or enter on the keyboard) to proceed.

Pressing enter on the keyboard while using a controller seems to force the game into thinking that the player is using a mouse and keyboard instead. This, in turn, disables aim assist.

The controller will still work as normal, but the game’s back-end function will have completely removed aim assist – despite it still appearing enabled in the game’s settings page.

How to fix the Halo Infinite aim assist bug:

Unfortunately, there’s no official fix just yet, so the bug still exists in the game right now. Undoubtedly this will be patched in an upcoming update, but for now, players have worked out how to get around this.


Essentially, if you’re using a controller to play Halo Infinite on PC, you should continue to use your controller to navigate the game’s menus. Using keyboard and mouse while also using a controller will cause the bug. Simply avoid this by only using your controller.

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