‘Halo Infinite’ campaign won’t unlock new armour for multiplayer

34 unlockable items have been uncovered, but none are armour pieces

Halo Infinite‘s campaign mode won’t have new, unlockable armour pieces for the game’s multiplayer mode.

According to a dataminer on Twitter who goes by the name Chaz the Jackal – as reported by VGC – they recently shared a list of 34 customisation items that can seemingly be unlocked while playing Halo Infinite‘s story.

However, it looks like none of these 34 unlockable items are armour pieces that will change the player’s Spartan. The leaked items seem to only be armour coatings that can change the colour and texture but not their design.


All of the unlockable items include one stance, nine armour coatings, seven vehicle coatings, five weapon coatings, two weapon charms, and 10 emblems.

343 Industries has yet to confirm the leaked items, but as the release date for Halo Infinite‘s campaign draws closer, players will likely receive an update soon.

Following the launch of Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode, 343 Industries released an update to the battle pass system after receiving criticism from players who said that the levelling system was too slow. Previously, XP was only granted for completing challenges, but after the update, players will now earn XP by completing matchmade games as well.

In addition, the free-to-play multiplayer will run multiple events through its first season and will reward players will free items and event themes. The first is the samurai-themed Fracture: Tenrai event and will be running from November 23 to November 30.


In other news, the Head of Creative at 343 Industries Joseph Staten has confirmed that the campaign co-op mode for Halo Infinite won’t be added to the game until Season 2, which now launches in May 2022. This means Season One has been extended from three to six months.

Staten also added that “campaign co-op and our Forge toolset are really big promises that we’ve made that we need to make good on.”