‘Halo Infinite’ lead Joseph Staten reveals painstaking screenshot process

Screenshot technology evolved

Halo Infinite lead Joseph Staten has revealed the painstaking process behind taking screenshots for Halo: Combat Evolved.

In a tweet thread posted November 8, Staten revealed what went into capturing screenshots for the game.

“When I joined Bungie in 1998, I did a lot of video and screenshot production. As part of our plan to announce Halo at MacWorld 1999, we landed a cover story with Computer Gaming World magazine, a story for which we needed a handful of screenshots. This shot was my favourite”


“This shot is the result of me “possessing” each character, moving them into position, firing their weapons etc. It was like creating a song using multitrack recording, except there was no track tool. Just my stopwatch and a pad of paper with filenames and short descriptions.”

He goes on to explain how difficult the process was before the days of capture equipment during the early-2000s development of the iconic shooter.

“It was a painstaking process. Locking composition and having an “anchor” character were vital. For example, the Elite in the foreground was the first character I placed after deciding on the camera position and angle. Every other element revolved around the camera and Elite.”

“All told, it took me a full day to create this one shot. I can’t remember how many other screenshots I made for the CGW article. But I do remember sleeping under my desk for the better part of a week—and part of my sleeping bag melting from the heat coming out of my PC.”

Halo Infinite is set to release on December 8.


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