‘Halo Infinite’ players call for cross-play opt out because of cheaters

Fans want to avoid PC cheaters

Halo Infinite console players are asking 343 Industries for a way to opt out of cross-play until an anti-cheat is implemented.

Halo Infinite‘s subreddit has been filled with complaints of hackers in the game’s lobbies. These complaints come from both casual and ranked playlists. Players on consoles are especially irritated as they have no way to opt out of cross-play with PC players where cheating is more likely.

One Redditor named Meiie, spotted by Eurogamer, said in a post, “This is one of the reasons many console users choose to not play on PC.”


“Besides the ease of playing on console, avoiding PC cheaters has been my biggest reason for not playing on PC. Destiny, Warzone, BF, Apex.. tons of cheaters on PC. Never run into any when playing on console and opting out of cross-play.”

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries.

“This is really important and I think not getting this option now is gonna spiral pretty hard into us players, on console, having to deal with infestation of cheaters currently on PC.”

Halo Infinite is currently in an early access style period and has no dedicated anti-cheat software. The game’s multiplayer component is also free-to-play, making it easier for players to create accounts if they get banned for cheating.

Halo Infinite‘s competitive branch allows players to choose between playing with controller users or those on keyboard and mouse. This can lead to long queue times, and PC players using cheats can still use controllers. Xbox players have no option to completely separate themselves from being matchmade with PC players and so cannot avoid cheaters.


In other news, Steam has set a new record for peak concurrent users. On November 27, the service had over 27million users active at the same time.

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