‘Halo Infinite’ players can add cat ears to their outfit for a limited time

The Purrfect Audio helmet attachment will cost you £7.99

Halo Infinite players can now purchase the Cat Lovers Bundle, which will give their character cat ears – it’s this season’s must-have accessory.

The bundle is 1000 Halo credits (£7.99) and as well as the Purrfect Audio attachment, players will also get their paws on the Faded Blush armor coating and Tabby and Kat gun charms.

However, the bundle will only be available until December 28 so get meowving.


Despite the criticism 343Industries have received for the amount of microtransactions in Halo Infinite, players seem to be jumping at the chance to live out their feline fantasies.

Some players still feel the price tag is steep though.

Writing on Reddit, one user said: “Cat ear price isn’t fine and I’m fed up of people who think it is. Prices should be slashed over half. Item deserves to be in the store but the prices are still a joke. It’s not about not being able to afford stuff, it’s about value for money and nothing in the store is ‘worth’ the price. But they won’t change it because thousands of people bought them so people never change, neither will gaming trends.”


Another added they’d “start buying cosmetics if they weren’t so damn expensive.”

The bundle is part of Halo Infinite‘s Winter Contingency event

In a five-star review of Halo Infinite, NME said: “It only takes a few minutes in Halo Infinite’s campaign to know that you’re playing something very special indeed. There’s something tangible to the game’s movement and shooting that just feels right.

“This is brilliant, and if it weren’t for a couple of very minor hang-ups, this could well be my favourite FPS game ever made. As it is, it’s already up there with the greats, slotting in with titles like Titanfall 2Doom Eternal and Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.”