‘Halo Infinite’ pro tournament uses development consoles amid chip shortage

Even Microsoft is struggling to get Xbox Series Xs

Microsoft’s first major championship for Halo Infinite saw players using development versions of the Xbox Series X because of the chip shortage.

If you are having a hard time getting your hands on an Xbox Series X, don’t worry, even Microsoft can’t get them, as for Halo Infinite’s first major tournament some competitors have had to use development consoles used internally for testing.

343 Industries’ esports lead Tashi said on Twitter: “Heads up open bracket players – you’ll be playing this weekend on Series X development consoles. They’re functionally identical and will be operating in ‘Retail’ mode so it’s the exact same experience, they just look a little different.”


The HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 has also achieved a record number of viewers for a Halo esports event, as Tashi confirmed. “Excited to say that the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 is now the most viewed Halo esports event of all time…and it’s only Friday. Thank you so much to everyone watching from around the world!”

Halo Infinite players can also earn in-game cosmetics by watching the event. If users connect their Twitch accounts to their Halo Waypoint account then they can earn Twitch drops. To do this they need to watch one hour of the official stream and they will be rewarded with three weapon coatings that changes their colour. If Halo Infinite players watch an hour of one of the co-partnered streamers instead, then they can earn armour coating for their multiplayer Spartans.

In other news, Clownfield 2042 is an upcoming game on Steam that makes fun of Battlefield 2042’s launch. The game’s store page says it will feature “bugs, per usual, plenty of bugs. We’ll let you enjoy them as is; and instead of fixing them, we’ll just release some new skins.”