‘Halo Infinite’ ranked matchmaking being looked into by 343 Industries

Soon you'll be able to see just how awful you are

Changes to the way ranked games work in Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer are being looked at according to 343 Industries.

In response to a pro Halo player who had previously tweeted that he wished rank games could “match all players of a similar rank with each other”, Halo community manager John Junyszek said: “We agree, and the team is looking into reports of matchups like this”.


This is the latest in a series of issues with the soft-launched multiplayer element of Halo Infinite, which launched mid-November. Recently, 343 Industries changed the way that players earn XP via playing multiplayer games for the second time since launch. 

A player’s first game will now reward 300XP, while a second and third match will reward 200XP. A fourth, fifth and sixth match will hand out 100XP each, while any match beyond that will give 50XP.

The team have also been looking at how to combat cheating in the free-to-play game, which Junyszek concedes is a “natural part of supporting a F2P PC game, and it’s one we anticipated”.

“We don’t take a ‘single feature’ approach, but a game-wide approach to anti-cheat,” explained Junyszek.


Issues with cheating have led Xbox players to request that Halo Infinite allow players to turn off cross-platform play. 

Halo Infinite‘s subreddit has been filled with complaints of hackers in the game’s lobbies. These complaints come from both casual and ranked playlists. Players on consoles are especially irritated as they have no way to opt-out of cross-play with PC players where cheating is more likely.

In other news, Square Enix has addressed potential login congestion that may occur when Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker releases on December 7.

As outlined in an official blog post, whilst servers have been optimised to account for a higher login cap when Endwalker drops, new Worlds are unable to be added before the content actually releases.