‘Halo Infinite’ shows off graphics refinement in February update

"We are committed to deliver a great experience and high level of visual fidelity across all platforms"

343 Industries have shown off the improved visuals of Halo Infinite in a new update covering the world of Zeta Halo.

A new Inside Infinite post for February focused on the art and graphics of Halo Infinite. A large proportion of the update was dedicated to talking about the inspirations and influences for the game, but the meat of the post focussed on screenshots of the graphical progress of the game since its initial gameplay reveal last year.

In a section headed “Tales from the Trenches” the 343 Industries talked at length about the efforts of their graphics team. Graphics Producer Alex Le Boulicaut explains that, “Following the Campaign demo last July, the team has been continuously iterating on outstanding graphics and lighting work to deliver a more immersive experience.”


The screenshots shared were from the PC version of Halo: Infinite, but the Le Boulicat promised that 343 Industries were “committed to deliver a great experience and high level of visual fidelity across all platforms.”

Campaign Art Lead Justin Dinges spoke about the way that Halo Infinite is in many ways considered a “Spiritual Reboot” of the Halo franchise, saying “we want to both introduce new players and welcome back old players with the iconic Halo imagery the original games were built on.”

The initial response to Halo Infinite’s reveal in July 2020 was less than positive, with many criticisms focussed on the graphics. In response to fan feedback 343 Industries promised to move back to “the legacy aesthetics that defined the original trilogy” which is now supported by this latest update.

Early in the year the developer promised monthly updates on the progress of the in January this year, saying that “we’re committed to at least monthly high level updates.”