‘Handcop’ lets you clean up the streets as a disembodied hand

An FPS with a t(wr)ist

An upcoming indie game, Handcop, has caught the attention of many online communities with its unusual premise – an FPS where you play as a disembodied hand.

Roaming the streets as protagonist Michael McWrist, Handcop players will be treated to a game that not only makes them laugh, but is a serious first-person shooter – as developer Jeff Ramos was keen to point out.


In an interview with IGN, the Brazilian developer explained that although Handcop is an amusing premise, the game will have finely-tuned action and shooting mechanics. “Different from most comedy games, the shooting is for real here,” Ramos explains in the interview. “It is very satisfying and the headshots are superb.”

Several examples of concept art and animation have already been shared on Reddit and Twitter, pushing Handcop to the forefront of many communities. An almost entirely one-man project, Ramos says that the whole idea started as an experiment. “I was playing finger football with my wife,” he explains, “and I saw a TV commercial featuring the hand from The Addams Family. So I thought it would be funny to learn procedural animations using a hand instead of a humanoid.”

The tiny McWrist is able to perform stealth moves, finger his way along power lines, and even snap his fingers to trigger a teleport. Handcop has many unique features, and is more than just a visual gag, says Ramos. “Many people commented [saying] that ‘this could be a great game! I tried my best to explain that this IS a game.”

There is no news yet on when Handcop will be ready for release, but Ramos shares updates regularly from his Twitter account.


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