‘Hearthstone’ Grandmaster ragequits during tournament finals

"sry to be mad because i lost the most important match of my life"

A pro-Hearthstone player has quit from one of their matches during a tournament instead of properly conceding.

During the Hearthstone Grandmasters playoff match Zakarya “xBlyzes” Hail disconnected from the server instead of conceding the game, after having a run of poor draws against his opponent Frenetic.

The community calls this kind of disconnection a “ragequit” due to the combination of anger and frustration that leads to the player leaving the game through less official means than conceding the match.


Commentary during the stream said: “My heart goes out to him. It’s a brutal way to lose the series”. Due to the circumstances, Frenetic would need to wait for Admin confirmation that the match was actually conceded. A clip of the disconnect is available below:


According to PCGamer xBlyzes has had a few issues during the Hearthstone competitive season, including disputes with tournament administrators. He was docked two points for missing a match, and was also accused of win-trading.

xBlyzes also tweeted “I want to die” after his loss. A follower replied by saying “You had and incredible tournament, but what a garbage way to finish it.” To which xBlyzes responded: “sry to be mad because i lost the most important match of my life”.

In other competitive gaming news, Valve has announced changes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with a number of features no longer available to free players.


Originally free-to-play players would have access to drops, Ranks, Skull Groupos, and a path to Prime matchmaking, which is now reserved for those who pay for the game.

As of June 4, these benefits will only be available for playing players. According to a blog post on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive website, “those benefits have become an incentive for bad actors to hurt the experience of both new and existing players.”