‘Hearthstone’ Patch 20.2 will introduce pre-built decks

Along with a Battlegrounds update

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that its free-to-play online card game, Hearthstone, will receive pre-built decks in the next patch.

Patch 20.2, which is set to release on May 4, will introduce Battle-Ready Decks, an experimental form of deck that is meant for new and returning players who wish to play a particular class in the game.

In the patch notes, Blizzard said: “For the first time ever, we’ll be offering curated decks optimized for the most recent expansion through the web and in-game shops.


“When these Battle-Ready Decks become available, you’ll be able to add a complete deck from the class of your choice to your permanent Collection.”

According to Blizzard, each Battle-Ready Deck is handcrafted using data captured across “hundreds of thousands of play sessions” to ensure players will obtain a good deck.

It’s been revealed that Battle-Ready Decks will be available for three weeks for $19.99 (£14) when it becomes listed on the store and will be limited to one per player account.

Along with a new deck type, Blizzard also revealed a preview of the next major Hearthstone Battlegrounds update called Quilboar.

The Quilboar update will include the new Quilboar minion type, 17 new minions, three new heroes, as well as a new mechanic called Blood Gems a spell that gives a friendly minion a buff of +1/+1.


With the Battlegrounds update, Quilboar will show up in every match until the next major content patch, just like the previous additions.

Elsewhere, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan recently announced that he will be leaving Blizzard Entertainment after 19 years.