‘Hearthstone’ streamer Alliestrasza and family handcuffed during swatting

No one was injured following the swatting

Hearthstone streamer Alexandra Alliestrasza Macpherson was swatted mid-stream, with police handcuffing her and her family.

Macpherson is one of the most prominent female Hearthstone streamers on Twitch, and last night (February 9) her stream was interrupted by a police raid. The police were there because someone had filed a false report that was serious enough to warrant a fully armed response, specifically to target the Streamer during their broadcast. The practice is known as swatting.

After a commotion was heard in Macpherson’s house, she left the room, until a group of three armed officers can be seen moving through the house and clearing the room used for streaming (as reported by PCGamer).


Macpherson returned to the stream 25-minutes later and said, “I’m gonna turn the stream off now. The very nice officers are in the house. They’re gonna take a crime report and take our IDs. Literally got swatted. I’m okay but, yeah. We were all handcuffed and everything. Everything’s fine. They’re very nice. I’m gonna leave and talk to you guys later, okay.”

Macpherson later explained the situation on Twitter, where she said, “Well, I never thought I would get SWATTED… but alas, here we are. Everything is okay, though. Just a little shaken up with nerves. The officers were great and handled everything very well. They obviously had to take the threat seriously so our whole family was cuffed outside.”

“After assessing the threat wasn’t real, we talked to them & gave them the context that this happens to twitch streamers sometimes,” she continued. “The amount of resources that were diverted here was insane, tho. WHY do people do this?! Sucks we probably won’t know who did it either.”

Macpherson also explained what the police had been told to warrant such a response. “The threat was that a woman shot her husband and locked herself in the bathroom, threatening to shoot anyone that came in. They absolutely have to take it as seriously as possible. So they handcuffed us while they assessed the threat.”

Macpherson is based in California, and if those behind the swatting are caught, then they will have to pay the total expense of the raid.


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