‘Hell Let Loose’ could be getting a big Commonwealth update next year

Black Matter is exploring a "Commonwealth-style expansion"

Hell Let Loose developer Black Matter is considering a larger Commonwealth expansion, following the studio revealing plans to add British forces earlier in the year.

Speaking to The Loadout for an interview, Black Matter CEO Max Rea has said the studio is considering expanding some of the content on its roadmap. While it previously shared it wanted to add British forces in 2022, Rea has said that it may be expanded.

“We might look at it as a Commonwealth expansion. It lets us be a little bit flexible in terms of the breadth of battles that we tackle…and it might even allow us to include the Aussies and Canadians,” Rea explained.


Rea adds that the decision for a larger “Commonwealth-style expansion” was reached during a research stage for the British, and said “when you look, there’s such a significant overlap in the equipment and uniforms used between the different Commonwealth forces”. Rea also teases that the upcoming faction may have a unique twist that distinguishes it from existing forces.

Hell Let Loose gun fight
Hell Let Loose. Credit: Black Matter Games

It’s unclear if the Commonwealth update – as well as encompassing British forces – would also draw in other elements that appear in the roadmap, such as British weapons, maps and vehicles.

There’s plenty more that fans can expect from the future of Hell Let Loose. A glimpse at the roadmap reveals that a new multiplayer mode, a campaign, and night variants for existing maps are just some of the things on the way. While there’s no specific timeframe for any of the updates, these are all the things that Black Matter is expecting to add in 2022.

In other news, Sony has applied for a patent that detects and showcases “disruptive behaviour” in multiplayer games. This would allow people to view players – and servers – that have received a high amount of reports for toxicity.

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