‘Hell Let Loose’ developer explains how Team17 acquisition will affect game

If anything, it should be positive changes

Following news that Team17 has acquired the Hell Let Loose intellectual property rights, the developer has discussed what that means.

A week after Team17 announced its acquisition of the multiplayer team-based WW2 first-person shooter, Black Matter Games has released a lengthy statement.

It explained “this is an amazing opportunity to give Hell Let Loose the ultimate boost when it comes to the future”.


The Steam post continues that with a “larger, dedicated team”, it can “continue to push the quality and quantity of content in the game”.

Notably, Black Matter Games explained that Team17 was working with the team on a “day-to-day basis” as publisher. The post adds that “they know the game as well as we do”.

Hell Let Loose
Hell Let Loose. Credit: Black Matter.

The team also explains how it feels “extremely comfortable and confident in [Team17’s] ability to…support the title”.

The post leads on to a FAQ detailing answers to key questions. It explains “there will be greater fluidity in the way Hell Let Loose is developed on all platforms”. It adds that “initially the largest development goal is some significant housekeeping”. That means bringing “the console version of the game to parity with the PC version of the game”.

The post is keen to stress that no content promises have been altered. Instead, it may lead to an “increase in development speed and quality”. It also reiterates that there are no plans for “game-altering micro transactions” and that Team17’s vision does not differ from Black Matter’s.


Last month, Black Matter announced it was considering a larger Commonwealth expansion.

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