Here are the ‘Mario Strikers: Battle League Football’ online play times this weekend

It's available to try in six different time slots across two days

The Mario Strikers: Battle League Football First Kick demo releases this weekend, with six different hour-long time slots available for people to play the game in.

The demo is available to play on both Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5. The time slots on both days are 4AM to 5AM BST, 12PM to 1PM BST, and 8PM to 9PM BST (or starting eight hours behind for Pacific Time).

The tutorial is also available to download and play now ahead of the online event, however players will still have to be online to access it. Up to two players can partake in the event at once on the same console, with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription necessary to play the demo as well.


'Mario Strikers: Battle League Football' preview: chaotic action that leaves you wanting more
Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. Credit: Next Level.

Demo participation also contributes towards the Nintendo Switch Online Missions and Rewards system, with playing during any of the time slots awarding plays 100 Platinum Points. With it being a timed demo, it will no longer be available to play after 9pm BST on June 5, so those interested in nabbing free Platinum Points will need to clear up at least an hour during one of the scheduled time slots.

NME’s early-hands on preview of the game left a positive impression: “It’s early days for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, but when you come away from a few hours of play wanting more, it’s usually a positive sign. We’ll know soon enough, but this is already shaping up to be one of the best sports titles Nintendo and developer Next Level has turned its hands to. Fingers crossed it’s not just an opening day smash and grab, and is here for the long haul.”

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is the third entry in the Mario Strikers spin-off franchise, and the newest instalment in 15 years following 2007’s Wii title Mario Strikers Charged. It releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 10.

In other news, Knockout City is now free-to-play with its season six patch.

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