Here are your new hosts for the ‘GamesMaster’ TV show revival

It's been 23 years since the cult TV gaming show was last on air

The cult British television gaming show GamesMaster has announced its brand new hosts for its revival after being last broadcast in 1998.

As revealed by GamesRadar today (September 29), Frankie Ward, Robert Florence, and Ty Logan will be GamesMaster‘s new hosts, with Florence also serving as the show’s creative consultant and the lead presenter, taking on the mantle of the programme’s original presenter Dominik Diamond.

Robert Florence is best known for comedy sketch show Burnistoun, having also presented video game shows VideoGaiden and Consolevania. Frankie Ward is well known as an esports host and interviewer, as well as being one of the main presenters of the annual PC Gaming Show at E3. Finally, Ty Logan is an actor, writer, and content creator who was named as one of E4’s Faces for the Future.


“I’m hugely honoured that I’ve been trusted with ushering a new generation of challengers to their glory or humiliation, under the unflinching gaze of the GamesMaster,” said Florence in response to the announcement.

Logan added: “I’m so excited to be joining the presenter team on GamesMaster. From being an E4 Face of the Future to fronting such a brilliant show, with this incredible team, is a dream come true. Let’s go!”

Ward also said: “I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the GamesMaster team, especially as the one thing I love almost as much as playing games is watching other people play them – and believe me when I say I take the art of celebrating their triumphs and failures very seriously indeed.”

Still to be announced however is who will be taking the role of the GamesMaster, most famously portrayed by the late Sir Patrick Moore, who served as both judge of the gaming competitions and occasionally provided tips and cheats to gamers.

GamesMaster returns later this year, in partnership with Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook, though it will begin modestly with just three episodes, 60-minutes each, premiering on E4’s YouTube channel, before being broadcast on E4.


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