Here’s the complete list of every minigame playable in ‘Mario Party Superstars’

Over 100 minigames will be included in this greatest hits package

Nintendo has revealed the complete list of every minigame playable in Mario Party Superstars, taken from the N64, Gamecube and Wii eras of the franchise.

Originally announced during E3, Mario Party Superstars will bring back a collection of classic boards and minigames from across the 23-year history of the franchise.

Now, Nintendo has revealed exactly what minigames will be included in this greatest hits title. The complete list is available to view via Nintendo’s Japanese website which Reddit user Ok_Increase_4964 has translated.


12 games will come from the original Mario Party, 19 from the sequel and 13 from Mario Party 3 (all originally released on the N64).

8 have been lifted from the fourth game in the series, 10 from the fifth, 12 from the sixth and 6 from Mario Party 7, which were all released for the Gamecube.

The Wii’s eighth and ninth incarnations of the franchise provide 6 minigames, while the Wii U’s Mario Party 10 offers just three – see the complete list below.

Mario Party: Mushroom Mix-up, Cast Aways, Hammer Drop, Face Lift, Piranha’s Pursuit, Bobsled Run, Tug o’ War, Handcar Havoc, Tipsy Tourney, Shy Guy Says, Crazy Cutters, Bombs Away.

Mario Party 2: Look Away, Quicksand Cache, Sneak ‘n’ Snore, Roll Call, Bowser’s Big Blast, Cake Factory, Speed Hockey, Slot Car Derby, Mecha Marathon, Balloon Burst, Shell Shocked, Hot Rope Jump, Bumper Balls, Honeycomb Havoc, Bumper Balloon Cars, Sky Pilots, Dizzy Dancing, Archer-ival, Dungeon Dash.


Mario Party 3 Rockin’ Raceway, River Raiders, Storm Chasers, Puddle Paddle, Tidal Toss, Parasol Plummet, Etch n Catch, Messy Memory, Ticktock Hop, Boulder Ball, Picking Panic, Vine With Me, Spotlight Swim, Ice Rink Risk, Hide and Sneak, Mario’s Puzzle Party, Chip Shot Challenge, Cheep Cheep Chase, Coconut Conk, Bounce n Trounce, Motor Rooter, Mush Pit, Eatsa Pizza, Snowball Summit.

Mario Party 4: Money Belts, Paths of Peril, GOOOOOOOAL!!, Trace Race, Beach Folley Volley, Booksquirm, Dungeon Duos, Revers-a-Bomb.

Mario Party 5: Coney Island, Night Light Fright, Bill Blasters, Ice Hockey, Squared Away, Later Skater, Dinger Derby, Pushy Penguins, Leaf Leap, Tube it or Lose It.

Mario Party 6: Burnstile, Rocky Road, Mass Meteor, Dark ‘n Crispy, Trap Ease Artist, Cashapult, Money Belt, Block Star, Pit Boss, What Goes Up…, Catch You Letter, Snow Whirled.

Mario Party 7: The Final Countdown, Stick and Spin, Spin Doctor, Pogo a Gogo, Month’s Revenge, Pokey Pummel.

Mario Party 8: Winner or Dinner, Paint Misbehavin’.

Mario Party 9: Goomba Spotting, Tackle Takedown, Manor of Escape, Shell Soccer.

Mario Party 10: Skewer Scurry, Flash Forward, Rapid River Race.

Mario Party Superstars is out October 29 on Nintendo Switch

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