Here’s a look at ‘Demon’s Souls’ gameplay on the PS5

New details about the game have also been shared

With only two weeks before launch, Sony have released new footage of the PlayStation 5 remake of Demon’s Souls.

The new extended gameplay trailer gives viewers a deeper look into the remade world of Boletaria. While the first gameplay video focused on footage from the beginning of the game, the footage takes place later in the game, where players will have access to more skills and spells.

Journeying through the daunting worlds of Demon’s Souls will not be an easy feat, and the gameplay shows some of the horrific environments, grotesque enemies and intimidating boss battles that players will come up against.


Check out the full gameplay video below:

The game’s creative director Gavin Moore revealed that the game will support a cinematic mode with 4K visuals and 30 frames per second, as well as a performance mode holding a dynamic 4K resolution with 60 frames per second, during an interview with GameSpot.

The original game’s brutal difficulty level will also be retained, as the remake will not feature any difficulty options. Certain gameplay tweaks have been made following fan feedback, including the option to roll in more ways, multiple bugs fixed with other amusing ones kept in and certain character models changed.

A recent fan made video highlighted many of the graphical changes made to Demon’s Souls. While the GameSpot interview has revealed the majority of the game remains untouched, the comparison highlights the incredible graphical leap between the PS3 and PS5.