‘High Score Day’ is a free ‘Wordle’-style game that tests video game knowledge

How well do you know your video games?

A new Wordle-style game called High Score Day has launched, which tests how much players know about their favourite video games.

High Score Day is a free game – playable here – that shares five different video game screenshots each day, and the objective is to guess as many of the featured games as possible.

As detailed on the website, “the game is about guessing which video game each of the five images belongs to. For each video game correctly guessed, you earn an extra life. If you fail, you lose it.”


Unlike Wordle and other similar games, there’s not just one answer to solve – there are five different video games displayed, and players have just one guess at each screenshot.

Today (April 5) all five of the games are horror-themed, though it’s unclear if the creator will continue keeping each day’s selection theme-based.

Dead Space

High Score Day is just one of many Wordle-style games to crop up since the original game became hugely popular earlier in the year. Since Wordle, there has been a slew of similar games popping up – including a music-themed game called Heardle, which gives players six tries to guess a song based on small snippets of the track.

There’s also Framed, which offers a similar premise for film fans. Each day, several shots from a film are shared, and players must work out which film is being teased.

Besides Heardle and Framed, there are some more obscure takes on the Wordle formula. Last month, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo launched Weezle – a game that’s very specifically designed for Weezer fans to play.


In other gaming news, the creator of Stardew Valley has premiered music from his upcoming game Haunted Chocolatier and inadvertently confirmed that the game will include boss fights.

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