‘Hitman 3’ free event ruins Dartmoor Garden Show with poisonous frogs

The Great British Murder Off

Developers IO Interactive has added Dartmoor Garden Show to Hitman 3, a free event where players must kill randomly assigned targets to earn rewards.

Dartmoor Garden Show is available for Hitman 3 fans between August 5 and August 17, and is set in four different gardens as a gardening competition takes place across the grounds of Dartmoor Mansion. The event begins as a three stage escalation event – on a player’s first attempt, a client and accomplice will be randomly assigned.

The official trailer reveals that there will be various creative ways to kill targets – including an electrifying microphone, a sabotaged gas valve and a display case of poisonous frogs.


As the event takes place over three stages, the random nature of each target means that a different lucky survivor will win the garden show every time.

However, once the player completes all three stages, they will unlock ‘Deterministic Mode’, which means the player can select an alternate starting location, choose who will become a target and ultimately decide who gets to win Dartmoor Garden Show.

After completing all three stages, players will also unlock the Summer Sightseeing Suit, allowing Agent 47 to be disguised as anything but a grizzled assassin.

Hitman 3‘s Contracts Mode is also enabled for Dartmoor Garden Show, which lets the community create their own contracts and missions within the map. From the announcement blog, the mode lets players “craft your own narratives, setup your own challenges and compete for bragging rights with your friends.”


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