‘Hitman 3’ July roadmap and new sandbox level revealed

There's lots of free content in July

IO Interactive has revealed the next sandbox level coming to Hitman 3, and it’s a tropical cove called Ambrose Island.

Releasing for free to all players on July 26, the tropical island and hidden cove houses a dangerous pirate syndicate. A full sandbox level, players will be able to take out new targets, discover new assassin opportunities, partake in new challenges, and unlock new rewards.

Check out the trailer for the sandbox level below.


IO Interactive also released the Year Two July roadmap on the same day, which highlights a number of new features and says that more information on Ambrose Island will be revealed later this month, before it releases.

The free location rotation also changes between July 7 and 17, as Bangkok becomes available to all players. The elusive target between July 15 and 25 is The Food Critic, although taking them out requires the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass. Between July 8 and 18 the Hitman 2 access pass will open up target The Revolutionary as well.

Lastly, the Iridescent Katana weapon can be unlocked via the Elusive Target Arcades on July 14, whilst new community featured contracts will drop on July 21, which will be themed around pirates.

Hitman 3
Hitman 3. Credit: IO Interactive

Back in May we discovered some of the Hitman series’ voice actor’s favourite kills, with voice of Agent 47 David Bateson having a thing for falling chandeliers.


“Any or all chandelier deaths or a statue falling on you. I just find that more amusing than shooting a sniper rifle from a distance. And the other one I like, which is so wrong, I like pushing people off balconies,” explained Bateson.

In other news, Control writer Anna Megill has been promoted to narrative lead on the upcoming Fable reboot. Megill was previously lead writer on the project.