‘Hogwarts: Legacy’ confirms Nintendo Switch release

Though details about release dates and format are still to be confirmed

Following an update to the FAQ section on the Hogwarts Legacy website, Warner Bros. Games has confirmed that the title will definitely be coming to Nintendo Switch.

When the title was first announced, it was confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy would be released on PS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X|S, and PC. Earlier this week, though, the Nintendo Switch was added to the list of platforms.

Taking to Twitter to ask about release dates or if the game would be cloud-based, AlioopGames asked: “For example, will it be a cloud-based release, or will it run natively on the system? Is the release window the same? Thanks so much!”


Warner Bros. Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood then replied: “We don’t have anymore details right now except to confirm that yes, Hogwarts Legacy is coming to the Switch.”

Earlier this week, Warner Bros Games released an extended gameplay trailer for Hogwarts Legacy and confirmed that the game would be released “Holiday 2022”.

Elsewhere in the FAQs, it’s reconfirmed that the story of Hogwarts Legacy has not been written by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, though it does stay true to her “original vision”.

“J.K. Rowling is supportive of Portkey Games and has entrusted the design and creation of the games to Warner Bros. Games and the developers involved. Her team have also collaborated with Warner Bros. Games on all aspects of Hogwarts Legacy to ensure it remains a true part of the Wizarding World experience and is in line with the creativity and magic that fans expect,” continued the statement, which will offer little comfort to players who don’t agree with her ongoing “anti-trans” views.


In 2020, she was criticised for a series of Tweets that called out an article’s use of the phrase “people who menstruate,”  implying that you can only be classed as a woman if you menstruate. Days later, she published a 3,000-word essay titled JK Rowling Writes About Her Reasons For Speaking Out On Sex and Gender Issues.

The lead actors of Harry Potter (Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson) were amongst those that condemned her views, with Grint saying: “Trans women are women. Trans men are men.”

Following the reveal, the president of Warner Bros. Games allegedly spoke about Hogwarts Legacy and its connection to controversial author J.K. Rowling.

“While J.K. Rowling is the creator of Harry Potter, and we are bringing that world to life with the power of Portkey, in many places, she’s a private citizen also,” David Haddad said. “And that means she’s entitled to express her personal opinion on social media. I may not agree with her, and I might not agree with her stance on a range of topics, but I can agree she has the right to hold her opinions.”

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