‘Hogwarts Legacy’ and ‘Gotham Knights’ won’t appear at E3 2021

The only Warner Bros. Games title that will be showcased is ‘Back 4 Blood’

Publisher Warner Bros. Games will not showcase a number of its anticipated games such as Hogwarts Legacy, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights at E3 2021.

All three games will not appear at the upcoming video game event, according to a statement from a Warner Bros. Games spokesperson to TechRadar. The rep claimed that the publisher will only be showcasing the Left 4 Dead spiritual successor Back 4 Blood during its conference on June 13.

The comment also corroborates a previous statement by the official Summer Game Fest Twitter account on June 5, which stated that the Back 4 Blood showcase and the Warner Bros. Games presentation are one and the same. “There is not a separate event,” it said.


The three anticipated Warner Bros. Games – Hogwarts Legacy, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League and Gotham Knights – are all slated for release in 2022. Hogwarts Legacy has originally been planned to drop this year, but was delayed in January 2021 in order to give “the game the time it needs”.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be a continuation of the critically-acclaimed Arkham series and takes place in an open-world Metropolis. It will be the first in the franchise to not feature Batman, with players being able to explore the world solo and swap between various characters, including Harley Quinn and Deadshot.

Meanwhile, Gotham Knights will chronicle the adventures of the titular group – comprising Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood – after the death of Bruce Wayne as they continue Batman’s legacy and protecting the streets of Gotham.


In other news, Warner Bros. Games is reportedly being split up due to the recently announced merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc. It is currently unclear which of the 11 studios under Warner Bros. Games will stay with AT&T, the parent company of WarnerMedia, and which will be handed over to the new company.

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