‘Horizon Forbidden West’ screenshots show how the game will look on PS4

"The game also looks - and plays - stunning on the PlayStation 4," says Guerrilla

Guerrilla has shared several new screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West taken from PS4 platforms.

Although much of the Horizon Forbidden West footage shown so far has been taken from PS5 platforms, Guerrilla has taken to Twitter with four new screenshots of the game running on PS4 consoles.

The screenshots, posted yesterday (December 15), also show off a little more of the environments to be found in Horizon Forbidden West. This includes settings that range from deserts to tropical jungles and humid, swampy-looking areas.


As Horizon Forbidden West draws nearer, fans have been finding no shortage of new content to enjoy. Earlier in the month, a new gameplay trailer for Horizon Forbidden West was shared at The Game Awards. The trailer revealed a slew of new and returning enemies, some of which can even be used as mounts to traverse the world.

Back in November, Guerrilla penned a blog discussing some of these machines in greater detail. In one specific case, principal machine designer Blake Politeski shared how the studio “studied various flying reptiles and primitive birds” to create the Sunwing, a large mech that harvests solar power through its wings.

Another blog – also released in November – guided fans through another angle of Aloy’s journey, explaining how Guerrilla wanted to make the open-world feel more lived in. This involved putting lots of thought into the motivations of every in-game tribe, and applying their backstories to how their habitats were designed.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently set to release on February 18, 2022, and will be exclusive to PlayStation consoles.


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