‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ update adds DLSS to PC version

Plus some minor updates over shaders

The latest update for Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC is here, and with it comes DLSS upscaling and various other updates.

If you don’t know what NVIDIA’s DLSS is, it stands for deep learning super sampling. Essentially, it’s a type of video rendering that renders frames at a lower resolution, to help with framerate, which then uses AI to upscale the game so it renders at a higher resolution.

For Horizon: Zero Dawn, that means DLSS will let players play the game at resolutions their PCs might not have been able to previously. It will also help those with lower-end PCs play the game at much crisper resolutions. A similar feature from AMD, FidelityFX Super Resolution, has also been added as part of the update.


The update did not just focus on DLSS. UI changes have come with the update, specifically to facilitate Horizon: Zero Dawn having DLSS. The specific change means that the render scale option has been removed, but can now be accomplished by adjusting the settings Upscale Method and Upscale Quality.

There were some performance improvements too, mostly focused on the shader management system. Now, there will not be any shader pre-compilation step on startup, so it will all happen during loading and in the background. But loading screens may now take longer due to the shader compilation occurring during loads. The game also stuttered occasionally due to background shader compilation, but this has been significantly reduced.

More recently, a PlayStation blog post detailed Horizon: Forbidden West’s world design. The sequel will put a big emphasis on the synergy between the various tribes you find in the world, and the places they inhabit.

In other news, rapper and producer Dr. Dre will be releasing new music via a free GTA Online expansion.

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