Horror game ‘Martha Is Dead’ coming to Xbox Series X and PC next year

The game is said to be built around “superstition and psychological distress”

Martha Is Dead, the first-person psychological horror game originally announced for PC, will now see a release on Xbox Series X, developer LKA has announced.

The game is to be released in 2021, however, no specific date has been announced. A brand new trailer and a gameplay walkthrough that previews some of the game’s first chapters has been shared.

The story takes place in Tuscany, 1944, amid the horrors of World War II. As the body of a young woman known as Martha is discovered by the side of a lake, players control her twin sister while she battles feelings of loss against mysterious folklore and the impending doom of war.


Check out the new trailer below:

According to Martha Is Dead’s official site, the story will contain “deep multi-layered narratives combined with real locations and a mix of history, superstition and psychological distress”.

The new gameplay trailer released courtesy of IGN delivers a first-look at the disturbing psychological thriller that sets the tone for the narrative. Various gameplay elements are introduced such as solving puzzles and exploring the sinister environments, all while boasting next-gen visuals.

Watch the full gameplay demonstration below:


In other horror game news, PQube announced recently that it was working on a new survival title influenced by Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Titled Tormented Souls, the game features the fixed camera perspective found in classic games of the genre.

Resident Evil Village is also confirmed to be releasing for next-gen consoles in 2021. The game is set to switch-up the formula drastically with the inclusion of werewolves and witches for the first time ever.

After years of numerous entries, it’s said that Resident Evil Village is the culmination of the series and “serves as the conclusion to the story.”

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