How to watch TarkovTV Live – see what’s being added to ‘Tarkov’

TarkovTV Live will reveal "new content and features" coming to 'Escape From Tarkov'

Battlestate Games has announced that it will be livestreaming a new episode of TarkovTV Live to give fans a look at what’s being added to Escape From Tarkov next – here’s how to watch it.

TarkovTV Live is scheduled to begin today (August 11) at 5PM BST / 9AM PDT / 12PM ET, and can be watched at Battlestate Games’ Twitch channel when it goes live.

As Battlestate Games has shared, the episode “will be focused on new content and features in the next update” – though there’s no hints at what those features will be. However, it’s possible that the next Escape From Tarkov patch will add the Lightkeeper – a trader that can only be found within raids, who was planned to be added later in the current wipe.


In a Reddit thread discussing the upcoming TarkovTV Live episode, Escape From Tarkov players have suggested that a similar update focusing on the game’s health would be preferable to new content. Several issues – including glitchy audio, a controversial recoil system, and a prevalence of cheating – were frequently flagged in the thread.

Back in July, a voice actor in Escape From Tarkov called out the state of cheating in the shooter, and said cheaters have been targeting streamers.

Ahead of TarkovTV Live, Battlestate Games has released patch for Escape From Tarkov. The patch is mostly focused on bug fixes, but does add new sound effects for moving on plastic or thin wood surfaces.

At time of writing, Escape From Tarkov is currently down for maintenance while this patch is implemented. However, Battlestate Games has shared that it will take “approximately two hours” for the installation to complete, which means the game should be back online by 10AM BST – hours before TarkovTV – if everything goes smoothly.

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