Huge ‘Sims 4’ update adds pond tools, cooking together, and more


As part of the ‘Summer Of Sims’ event, The Sims 4 has introduced a load of new features in one big free update.

Some of the fixes are simple quality-of-life upgrades, such as the camera tool now being able to snap onto any Sim in the current neighbourhood.

The Notebook has also been given its own space on the Sims 4 user interface, making it easier to find than its previous place nested in the phone controls.


One of the main updates piquing the interest of Sims 4 fans is the inclusion of water-shaping terrain tools.

Previously, only pools were available, built in square blocks. This new tool means terrain can be raised and lowered, and then filled with water in whatever shape the user desires.

This has already led to some Simmers flooding their houses for aesthetic effect, much to the grief of their Sims. The resulting ponds can also be filled with animals, from swans to alligators. Sims can now fish on their own lot, as well as look for frogs.

The second biggest change to come with the update, which is available now to anyone with the base game installed, is the ability to cook with other people.

A long-standing feature on the Mobile Sims game, Sims can now engage each other or their children in baking activities.


A calendar has now been introduced into the main game, which was previously only available with the Seasons expansion pack. This means Sims can make their own events and holidays and celebrate birthdays far more easily.

Several bug fixes were also named in the update, for the full list visit the Sims 4 blog. Unfortunately, many issues seem to have arisen from this update and the release of Cottage Living, the latest DLC.

Fans are reporting issues with the game that range from malfunctioning fridges to missing pre-order exclusive items. EA has released tweets saying it is working to fix this issue.