‘Humankind’ is getting a closed Beta for players who pre-order

Play from Neolithic to modern-day, thanks to Twitch

Amplitude Studios‘ upcoming strategy game Humankind is getting a closed Beta, which will be open to anyone who pre-orders the game.

Humankind is a historical 4X (the four X’s stand for Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) similar to Civilisation that will see players trying to guide their people to glory throughout the course of human history. This involves invoking several different civilisations from the Neolithic to the modern-day.

To get access, players can preorder Humankind on Steam or the Epic Games Store for guaranteed access, but they can also watch certain Twitch streamers who will be giving closed Beta access out using Twitch drops.


In a press release, Sega revealed a list of streamers that would be handing out drops, but noted it was non-exhaustive:

  • Amplitude Studios
  • Burke Black
  • GamerZakh
  • Joueur du Grenier
  • Lewis
  • Lomadiah
  • Marbozir
  • Quill18
  • ZeratoR
  • Shurjoka

The closed Beta on Humankind lets players play the first 200 turns of the game, which is enough time to explore from the Neolithic to the Industrial era which is five of the six eras that will be available in the finished game.

Players in the closed Beta can also try out 10 new industrial era cultures, build railways (and send their armies on them), fight huge battles with a variety of ground troops, long-range support artillery, and even air units.

The official date for the closed Beta will be announced during the PC Gamer show on June 13. The full release of Humankind is expected for 17 August 2021.


In other news Amplitude has shown of gameplay footage and details for its upcoming roguelike dungeon crawler Endless Dungeons during the Summer Game Fest.

The trailer emphasises the importance of teamwork, showing players how best to progress with an instructional voice-over.

Although no release date has been announced yet, Endless Dungeon is available to wishlist on Steam.

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