‘Humankind’ offers first four eras to play in latest OpenDev

Players who pre-purchased have until May 3 to experience the latest OpenDev

Amplitude Studios has announced that players who pre-purchased Humankind can now access the Victor OpenDev and play 150 turns ahead of its release.

Humankind is an upcoming historical 4X strategy game where the player combines cultures throughout six different eras to become the most famous empire in history.

Amplitude recently announced that Humankind would be arriving April 22, but it has since been delayed until August 17. According to the developer, many players reached out and asked if they could have an opportunity to play again between now and the release.


From April 22 through May 3 to 2pm BST, any player who has pre-purchased Humankind on Steam or the Epic Games Store can access the Victor OpenDev, a collaboratory open-source software, and play as Victor Hugo’s avatar from the Neolithic to the Early Modern era or 150 turns.

With the new OpenDev scenario, players will be playing on a new fixed map with lots of water, so things will be more focused on naval gameplay. Amplitude has taken player feedback since releasing Lucy OpenDev in December last year, and integrated changes to the newest scenario for players to experience.

Players can also take a look at what’s in store for the Victor OpenDev with a brand new trailer, featuring a sneak peek at the exclusive map and streamer avatars.

Amplitude also released a ‘getting started’ clip which helps guide new players through the first four eras of the game.


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