‘Humankind’ receives a few changes ahead of its upcoming release

The Mac version has been delayed

Humankind developer Amplitude Studios is making a few changes to the game since its last closed beta and before the titles release.

Despite only coming out a couple of weeks from now on August 17, Amplitude took to Steam to detail some changes and delays coming to the 4X game (the subgenre of strategy game stands for Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate).

Most notably, the Mac version of Humankind has been postponed. The delay won’t impact the PC version, but the team state that the Mac version will release around one month later as there are still “some issues with certain configurations, as well as with multiplayer.”


Apart from that, the post says that the team has been working on balancing and pacing due to closed beta feedback, and that some improvements have been made. This includes rebalancing different cultures, extra combat units, and rebalancing the research cost and era star thresholds.

A new system called ‘pollution’ is also coming to Humankind, which will start towards the end of Era 5. There are some AI and quality of life improvements as well, which includes balances to difficulty levels.

Finally, diplomacy has been tweaked ahead of launch, with more depth, new treaties, and an improved UI.

Amplitude also announced recently that the anti-piracy software Denuvo has been removed from the game, mainly due to its negative impact on performance.

In development for four years, Humankind is said to be a 25-year long dream of Amplitude Studio’s chief commercial officer and studio head Romain de Waubert de Denlis. The game will release on August 17, 2021.


In other news, sci-fi hacking game Recompile has an awesome new trailer. The indie title is a Metroidvania mixed with “intense combat, tight 3D platforming, [and] super-powered abilities.”

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