Humble Bundle’s Covid-19 charity bundle raises over a million dollars

"Thank you for stepping in to help save lives."

Humble Bundle has revealed that their Humble Heal: COVID-19 Bundle raised over one million dollars for charities fighting the Coronavirus outbreak.

The total raised was $1,170,824 (£825,000), 100 per cent of which will be going to Direct Relief, Doctors Without Borders, International Medical Corps, and GiveIndia.

Humble Bundle usually split the proceeds several ways, between themselves, the game publisher, and the current charity – so this was a unique opportunity to raise a huge amount for these charities.


The bundle included games, software, and books and ran throughout May. The Humble Bundle team released the final figure in a blog post, which also included statements from the four charities affected.

“Direct Relief is tremendously grateful to Humble Bundle and its community of passionate and generous people,” said Heather Bennet, Vice President of Partnerships and Philanthropy for Direct Relief, in a statement to Humble.

“Their collective efforts will translate to critically-needed medicines, supplies, and other resources to the hardest-hit communities in India and Brazil as they continue to battle rising cases of COVID-19.

The generosity received as a result of Humble Bundle’s effort is deeply inspiring and will serve as a force-multiplier to get more aid into these areas to improve the health and lives of those who are most vulnerable.”

The Humble Bundle storefront recently faced some criticism for changing the way in which charitable donations are handled on their site without letting the community know. Their new system will limit the amount buyers can give to charity to 15 per cent.


The default will be set so that 85 per cent of the payment goes to the developer, 10 per cent goes to Humble Bundle and the final five per cent of the split will go to charity.

By choosing the “Extra to Charity” option, buyers will be able to triple their donation to charity, changing the figures to 80 per cent to the developer, five per cent to Humble Bundle, and 15 per cent to charity.