‘Hunt: Showdown’ update 1.8.1 will give zombies guns and add daily quests

The next update's new Grunt enemies will be much tougher to deal with

Hunt: Showdown developer Crytek has shared that the game’s upcoming 1.8.1 update will add gun-slinging zombies, daily quests and more.

Yesterday (April 20), Crytek shared a developer update live stream that gave fans a first look at what update 1.8.1 will bring, although as of publication there’s no release date for the update.

As summarised on Hunt: Showdown‘s Twitter page, update 1.8.1 will ask players to “explore the swamps, face the new fearsome Pistol & Lantern Grunt variations, and earn rewards by completing new daily quests”.


These new variations to the Grunt zombies means there’s a chance they can now be found with two different weapons. While Pistol Grunts will still use their rusty pistols as a melee weapon, the guns have a chance to fire a bullet if the Grunts hit a player with it. This bullet won’t cause any additional damage, but it will be loud enough to alert nearby players to the commotion.

Lantern-wielding Grunts are more of an immediate danger. Lanterns can be either lit or unlit, and being struck by a lit lantern will cover the player in oil and set them alight, while being hit with an unlit lantern merely coats the player in oil, leaving them at risk of being set on fire later.

In both cases, hitting a Grunt in their arm will cause them to drop their weapon, negating their bonus effect.

Beyond deadlier zombies, Hunt: Showdown‘s update 1.8.1 will also add daily quests, which give players a series of tasks to try and complete – some of which include dispatching the game’s new enemies without their weapons firing or exploding.


In other gaming news, Sony is reportedly working on adding in-game ads in certain PlayStation games. The project – which is meant to help developers monetise free-to-play games – is rumoured to launch later this year.

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