‘Hunt: Showdown’ adds new quest system and armed grunts

New weapons and AI changes have also been added

Hunt: Showdown has launched update 1.8.1, adding armed grunts, new weapons and a quest system.

The update went live yesterday (May 16) across all platforms, with a bunch of new content. Notably, the quest system has been changed. It’s now called ‘Summons’ and replaces the daily and weekly challenges system. Players will be able to earn stars by completing these new quests, which reset every Monday.

Speaking in a blog post, developer Crytek detailed the new Summons system. There are currently five categories of Quests, which will target different goals/playstyles.

  • Simple Quests: Can be completed by anyone. Rewards 1-2 stars.
  • Core Gameplay Quests: Involves tasks around the core gameplay loop (clues, bosses, and bounties). Rewards 2-3 stars
  • PvP Quests: PvP focused quests that reward engagement with enemy Hunters. Rewards 3-4 stars.
  • Hardcore Quests: A more complex set of quests aimed at veteran players. Reward 5 stars.
  • Legendary Quests: Involves the use of specific Legendary skins (Hunters or Weapons). Rewards 6 stars. (Please note these Legendary Quests are optional and do not need to be completed in order to earn the required 30 stars per week)

Two new enemy types have been added as part of the latest update to Hunt: Showdown. The Pistol Grunt carries a firearm, making it much more deadly at range. The Lantern Grunt carries a lantern, which it will try to break and start small fires. Both types can end up blowing your cover and luring in enemies and other players.

Finally, there are two new weapons for hunters to enjoy:

  • Caldwell 92 New Army – the Caldwell New Army is a new, small slot, compact ammo double-action revolver that comes with a 6-round capacity.
  • Winfield 93 Slate – the new, large slot, 6-round capacity, pump-action shotgun

Head over to the full blog post to read about the other changes that have been made to Hunt: Showdown with update 1.8.1.

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