‘Hunt: Showdown’ update adds weapon variants and daily challenges

Players now have more incentive to hunt daily

The latest update for Hunt: Showdown adds a new way for players to spend and earn XP and introduces new weapon variants.

Players jumping into Hunt: Showdown will now be able to work towards daily goals to increase the rate their hunters level up and receive rewards for their progress.

The first way is with the new First Bounty Extraction Bonus. This allows players to earn an extra 15 per cent XP and 20 per cent more Hunt Dollars for the first bounty that is successfully extracted per hunter.


As it says in the patch notes, “This reward is not limited to once per day, but once per Hunter each day. Whether it is an existing hunter or a new recruit, the first successful bounty extraction with each hunter in a given day will grant this bonus.”

If players complete the bounty at least once a day for five days consecutively, they will receive a bonus reward of 25 Blood Bonds. The streak will then reset and can be achieved again.

Players will now also be rewarded for earning XP per day. This takes the form of the Dark Tribute. Here players can reach milestones and “offer the blood” to receive a reward. Rewards include Hunt Dollars, Blood Bonds, Hunter slot, Bloodline XP, Equipment, Upgrade points, Legendary item instance, Legendary item unlock, or the exclusive Dark Tribute Hunter Bad Hand.

Finally, four new weapon variants have been added to Hunt: Showdown; the Berthier Mle 92 Deadeye, Scottfield Model 3 Spitfire, Scottfield Model 3 Precision, and the Scottfield Model 3 Swift. Each variant comes with specific alterations that give it special properties, such as a higher rate of fire or more stability.


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