“Hypeman Of ‘Destiny 2’” joins Bungie’s Heroes Welcome campaign

The campaign "highlights 'Destiny 2' player stories and celebrates the varied ‘heroism’ that uplifts gaming communities"

Uhmaayyze, a rapper and creator with the nickname The Official Hypeman Of Destiny 2, is the latest player to join Bungie’s Heroes Welcome campaign.

According to Bungie, their Heroes Welcome campaign “highlights Destiny 2 player stories and celebrates the varied ‘heroism’ that uplifts gaming communities and makes being part of online social experiences more fun and inclusive”

“Based in the United States, Uhmaayyze is known for his unwavering positivity and live freestyle rapping over Destiny 2 gameplay which sparked him to claim the title of ‘official’ hypeman of Destiny,” reads the announcement. To celebrate the achievement, Uhmaayyze has released a collaborative track that sees him rapping about his path to becoming a content creator through his passion for the game – check it out below.


Fans can also view a behind-the-scenes featurette showing the creator’s trip to Los Angeles, his recording of the original collaborative track, and the filming of the ‘My Story’ music video.

“It’s amazing when you believe in a community that believes in you. I’m very thankful to my community and the fans because, without them, this wouldn’t be possible”, Uhmaayyze said in a statement.

“I felt like a superstar doing this shoot. Everything about that moment was like a dream come true. I want to thank Bungie, the team at ICHI, my family, and most of all, you, the fans and my community. Thank you for believing in me because this is only the beginning of my journey and I wouldn’t be here without you all—dream big, Guardians.”

In other news, EA has released a statement in support of the LGBTQ+ community following criticism from employees about the company’s silence on issues such as abortion rights and transgender rights.


Chief people officer Mala Singh had told employees that EA will only make public statements that “actually have a positive impact” but has since said she “never intended to imply that we were stepping back from our long-standing support of LGBTQ+ rights”.