‘Hypnospace Outlaw’ is getting a “spiritual sequel” and spin-off shooter

While 'Dreamsettler' is a "spiritual successor" to the original game, 'Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance Of The Slayer' is an over-the-top shooter that's set in the same universe

Point-and-click game Hypnospace Outlaw is getting a “spiritual sequel” called Dreamsettler, as well as a boomer shooter that’s set in the same universe.

As revealed on a Nintendo Direct-style livestream called Hypnospace Next, publisher No More Robots shared details on several upcoming titles.

Dreamsettler is a “alternate-reality ’00s internet simulator” where players take up the role of an online private detective that helps clients with a range of issues.


Described as a “spiritual sequel” to Hypnospace Outlaw, No More Robots has explained that Dreamsettler‘s detective work will involve “exploring webpages, experiencing the beginning of social media, listening to hours of music from alternate-reality genres, watching all sorts of mad videos, and generally exploring a version of the 00s internet that feels familiar yet different… and that’ll be before it starts to get really dark.”

You can watch a trailer for Dreamsettler below.

Although there’s no release date for Dreamsettler, fans can look forward to another game that was announced, which will be launching much sooner. Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance Of The Slayer is a boomer shooter that No More Robots says was created by Zane Lofton, a character in Hypnospace Outlaw.

Slayers X is a “fully-fledged Doom-like” that follows Lofton as he seeks revenge against The Psyko Sindikate. Launching “extremely soon”, you can watch a trailer for Lofton’s game below.


For anyone interested in following the development of Slayers X, a Twitter account run by Lofton is live, and jam-packed with all of the same over-the-top energy in the Slayer X trailer.

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