Ian Livingstone receives Knighthood for service to video games

"It is a huge honour for me and fantastic recognition for the UK games industry"

Ian Livingstone, a founder of Games Workhsop and Eidos, has received a Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II.

Sir Ian Livingstone is best known for his role in launching and creating the Tomb Raider series and is the author of the Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks. He is the co-founder of Hiro Capital, which invests in start-up video game developers.

Luke Alvarez and Cherry Freeman, co-founders of Hiro Capital, said in a statement, “With five unicorn scale games start-ups under his questing belt, Hiro Capital is proud to celebrate Sir Ian’s knighthood. His bravery, chivalry, courtliness and hermetical talents make him one of the most powerful paladins in video games. We are proud to have Sir Ian co-leading the Hiro Capital guild of mages and sell-swords as we ride forward into the Metaverse of 2022.”


Sir Livingstone himself also made a statement, saying, “Simply put, it is a huge honour for me and fantastic recognition for the UK games industry and the brilliant people who work in it. The industry has come a long way since I founded my first start-up, and I believe more than ever in Games and Gameplay as a global force for good.”

Sir Livingstone also recently founded the Livingstone Academy. The school is for pupils between the ages of four and 18, and aims to give its students the tools needed to succeed as young creators in a digital world. It opened its doors in September 2021.

In other news, one of the lead writers of Halo Infinite has announced that they will be leaving 343 Industries. Aaron Linge previously worked on Gear Of War 3. He said in a tweet that he is excited to pursue a new opportunity in 2022. He has since confirmed that he is moving to Riot Games R&D.

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