‘Icarus’ update revives 64,000 lost and dead characters


RocketWerkz, developers of Icarus, has put out a post on Steam where they said they have “revived 20,000 [abandoned] and 42,000 dead characters.”

Icarus is an incredibly tough survival game. Death isn’t necessarily permanent in the game, but it can be if you don’t take the right actions. If you play the game in co-op, a teammate can revive you, or you can just respawn and go pick up the gear you left behind. However, if your mission timer runs out and the drop pod heads back into space without you, your character is gone forever.

Icarus. Credit: RocketWerkz.


The problem is that some players didn’t properly understand how the permadeath feature works. If you shut down your game mid-session, the timer will keep on running. That means when you boot the game up again, if you haven’t returned with enough time to finish your mission, you will have lost your character. Though according to a new Steam post from RocketWerkz, you might find that your character isn’t lost forever.

“We have a Christmas miracle for you today,” reads the post. “You may be surprised to see any characters that were abandoned on a drop have reappeared in your Character Select screen!

“We have revived 22,000 characters and 42,000 dead characters that were left behind on prospects after time ran out. Icarus may be unforgiving, but we are not. There are a number of ways you could have lost your character and your hard-earned XP, talents and blueprints, such as bugs that trap characters (hopefully since resolved in our hotfixes and updates) or server downtime.”

RocketWerkz explained that they have worked on a tool that restores every character that had been left behind on a drop, and with this latest hotfix, you’ll find the character select screen can show more than three slots. Though if your restored character goes over your allotted slots, you won’t be able to make a new character until you delete them.

In other news, the author of The Wheel of Time has teased that he’s working on a video game with a well-known studio.

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