Idris Elba’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ character coming to ‘Fortnite’

Bloodsport will appear in the popular Battle Royale

The Suicide Squad is coming to Fortnite as supervillain Bloodsport drops into the island.

Idris Elba is about to appear (sort of) in the Epic Games smash hit, Fortnite as a new skin adds his character from the upcoming DC superhero movie The Suicide Squad to the game.

The Suicide Squad director James Gunn revealed a short video on Twitter, adding that Fortnite fans should “prepare to get some dubs.”


The video revealed Idris Elba himself, unveiling the upcoming Fortnite tie-in and giving us our first glimpse of Bloodsport battling it out on the island in the ultimate battle royale.

The ten-second video gives us just a brief glimpse of Bloodsport in action.

But if this is giving you a hankering for more Suicide Squad and Fortnite crossovers, you may be in luck – the video promises ‘more tomorrow’.

What that means remains to be seen, but it could be a hint that additional Suicide Squad members could be heading into Fortnite too. Or we could see other content around the Suicide Squad such as quests, cosmetic items and the like.

Either way, it looks as though there’s more to this well-timed crossover than just an obscure DC supervillain skin.


Elsewhere, Fortnite has teased the launch of its next big event – The Rift Tour – which sees a record-breaking music superstar appear in the popular game.

In other news, a Fortnite creator has escaped a hefty ban after stating that the upcoming LGBTQ+ event Rainbow Royale was ‘against nature’.