In-depth ‘Overwatch 2’ video reveals new stages, Hero Missions and character redesigns

Co-op Hero Missions are the big draw for 'Overwatch 2'

During BlizzCon 2021, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed details for Overwatch 2 including two new maps, and changes to tanks.

In a separate Behind the Scenes video for Overwatch 2, the Overwatch team at Blizzard walked through the changes that they are making for the sequel for their competitive hero shooter. The full 38 minute video is available below:


The video covered two new maps that were coming to the game: Rome and New York, which apply Overwatch’s futuristic aesthetic to the real world environments. Weapon feel has also changed to include more aggressive screenshake and revamped environmental audio.

Changes for tank characters in Overwatch 2 were outlined which confirmed that the role was being updated to be a more aggressive front-line brawler. Reinhardt was singled out as receiving two charges for his Fire Strike ability allowing for more aggressive play.

He will also receive a revision to his Charge skill that makes it easier to steer and gives players the choice to cancel it earlier allowing for more aggression.

Rome map, Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

A new of co-op gameplay mode was also announced, in the form of Hero Missions. These co-op missions promise a wealth of changes to the core Overwatch experience, including a range of objectives, dynamic changes to map including sandstorms, blizzards and sunsets.

Hero Missions also feature a range of new Null Sector enemies to challenge players, as well as a large talent tree for each character which will allow players to tailor their hero to their play style.


New York map, Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The final update came in the form of updates of character designs for Overwatch 2, which the team have said are focussing more on technical fabrics and practical accessories. As an example, Pharah now sports a transparent visor, whilst Reaper’s skull mask has become metallic.

In other news from BlizzCon, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is getting a new update in the form of ‘Chains of Domination’ which will see a range of new content added to the MMO.


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