‘Inscryption’ rated for PS4 in Australia

The roguelike card game is currently only available on PC

The Australian classification board has rated Inscryption for the PS4, but the game is currently only available on PC.

According to the listing found here, Inscription was classified in the region on July 4, yesterday. Under media type, PlayStation 4 is then listed, despite the fact that Inscryption is only currently available on Windows, Linux and macOS computer devices.

Whilst not confirming a console release for Inscryption, this classification listing heavily implies that the game will be coming to at least PS4, with other consoles potentially to follow as well.


Developed by Daniel Mullins Games and published by Devolver Digital, Inscryption is described as a roguelike deck-building game with horror elements. It blends these elements with escape-room style puzzles and does so to help create a truly unique player experience.

Inscryption. Credit: Daniel Mullins Games

There’s a demo available for the game on Steam, for those that want to try Inscryption before they buy it as well.

There’s even a Pokémon fan-game called Pocket Crystal League that takes direct inspiration from Inscryption. The free game uses generations one and two of Pokémon and has players pick a deck/team that they use to defeat gym leaders, strengthen cards, and even give them special abilities.

“Balancing can be a bit tricky at times, but I’m satisfied with the current level of difficulty overall.” wrote the creator. “The game is not supposed to be too easy, but challenging to a degree. Nevertheless, balance updates may happen if/when needed.”

In other news, Monster Hunter Rise players are set to get free rewards this week as Capcom celebrates multiple sales milestones for the game and its expansion. Exactly what players will get in the free item pack rewards remains to be seen however.