‘It Takes Two’ breaks 5million copies sold

And they take 5million

The surprise winner of the 2021 Game of the Year at The Game Awards, It Takes Two, has now surpassed 5million copies sold.

In a tweet by the developer Hazelight Studios, it has been announced that the compulsory co-op game about two people struggling in their marriage, has now surpassed 5million sales across all platforms.


The last time Hazelight announced figures on how well its game was selling was back in October, when it reached 3million games sold. This shows that it has continued to sell well despite almost a year after its original launch.

One of the unique selling points of It Takes Two is the inbuilt Friend Pass, meaning that you only required one copy of the game in order to play with someone online. So the number of players is likely somewhere closer to 10million.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the development team lead by Josef Fares. Major publisher Take-Two Interactive challenged the trademark on the game’s name as being similar to its own. As such Hazelight Studios had to abandon creating a trademark for its game.

It Takes Two
It Takes Two. Credit: Hazelight Studios

In our four star review, Tom Regan praised the game’s co-op mechanics and intriguing platforming:

“Its ‘heartfelt’ rom-com story may elicit more shrugs than tears, but if video games are primarily a tool for facilitating fun and laughter, then It Takes Two is nothing short of a triumph. With each copy coming with a ‘friend pass’ that allows you to gift it to another player, whether you’re playing with someone you live with or a friend on the other side of the planet – It Takes Two is exactly the kind of carefree social experience that the world needs right now.”


In other news, in spite of misgivings by staff, Ubisoft have given the Ghost Recon team NFTs to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series.

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