‘Jagged Alliance 3’ resurrects beloved strategy series with surprise trailer

A loud, turn-based blast from the past

THQ Nordic has revealed a trailer for Jagged Alliance 3, the first mainline entry into the series since 1999.

Described as a “true successor to the beloved series”, Jagged Alliance 3 takes players into the fictional country of Grand Chien to fight a violent paramilitary group in turn-based combat.

Launching on PC, the strategy game combines tactical-focused fights with RPG elements such as exploring, talking to NPCs, gathering loot and modifying weapons.


Jagged Alliance 3 is being developed by Haemimont Games, which is well known for titles like Surviving Mars and the Tropico franchise. Speaking at a press event, the studio shared that Jagged Alliance 3 will include a “large cast of mercenaries” for players to recruit to their squad, including some fan-favourite characters “like Ivan, Buns, Tex, Lens…a whole bunch of them”.

Outside of the turn-based combat, players will need to seize and reinforce territories across Grand Chien in “a meta layer to the game that really is about going out there and controlling territories”. This involves managing multiple squads spread across the country, which will be “a living world that responds to you as you’re going out there and exploring things”.

Jagged Alliance 3 gameplay screenshot
Jagged Alliance 3. Credit: Haemimont Games

Gameplay will also revolve “all around the player exploring, learning [about] the world gradually, then taking actions and making decisions that have consequences and lasting impacts on the world”. Players will have to account for a variety of modifiers over the course of the game such as team morale, as well as things like weather and time of day that will impact map visuals.

The upcoming game will also include a “drop in, drop out” co-op  mode for the campaign, meaning fans will be able to experience the it with friends.


Jagged Alliance 3 does not yet have a specific release date, though the trailer video description states that it is “coming soon to PC”.

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