James Gunn and Suda51 are not involved with ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ remake

The co-writer and creative director aren’t part of the returning staff

Both James Gunn and Suda51 have taken to Twitter to confirm they’re not involved in the recently announced Lollipop Chainsaw remake.

Yesterday (July 5) it was confirmed that the game’s original producer Yoshimi Yasuda will be working on the remake through his Dragami Games studio alongside “a combination of development staff from the original version”.

However, it’s since been revealed that neither creative director Suda51 nor co-writer James Gunn will have any involvement in the new project.


Taking to Twitter, Gunn said he only heard about the project “a couple of weeks ago” from Suda.

“I neither endorse nor condemn it,” he added. “I simply don’t know anything about it. But as articles are starting to slap our names on there, I think it’s important to make clear no one ever approached us about it.”

Suda shared a similar message, writing: “To add my two cents, like James Gunn says, neither he nor I am involved in this project at all, and Grasshopper Manufacture has nothing to do with development or anything.”

It comes as the announcement of the remake tries to downplay Suda’s role as creative director for the 2012 title.

“As Suda-san was very busy handling development on other projects at the time, I served as director and producer, creating a joint development team consisting of staff from Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games, overseeing development directly,” Yasuda said. “Suda-san looked over the game design and supervised the project as an executive producer.


However, the credits for the game list Suda as creative director while Tomo Ikeda is named as the director and Masa Shidara is credited as producer. At the time, Yasuda was listed as executive producer.

The remake of Lollipop Chainsaw is due out 2023 and Yasuda is already promising changes from the original.

“For instance, the original game had 15 licensed songs used in the soundtrack, but it is unfortunately difficult for us to implement all of them this time,” he explained. “As a result, aside from a few licensed tracks, the soundtrack will consist of new music.”

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