Jose Mourinho calls Fortnite a “nightmare”

The football manager claims the shooter is making his players tired

Manager Jose Mourinho has called Fortnite “a nightmare” in a new video posted by A.S. Roma’s Twitter account.

Taking part in a series of quick-fire questions, the Italian team’s manager explains his dislike for Epic Games‘ shooter, claiming it causes his players to not get to bed on time, thus making them tired for their big games.

After calling it “a nightmare”, Mourinho goes on to say “football players stay up all night playing that shit and the next day, they have a game”.


He does think Instagram is “fun” though and likes the music of Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen.

Maybe he just isn’t a fan of which footballers were made available in Fortnite during the recent UEFA 20202 event. England captain Harry Kane became a purchasable character alongside Germany’s Marcus Reus following on from Neymar Jr’s inclusion last season.

In fact, Kane has suggested the reason he was able to keep cool under pressure at the World Cup was because he was playing lots of Fortnite with his England teammates.

Mourinho had better hope A.F. Roma don’t have any important games coming up soon because The Rift Tour kicks off on August 6. Players will be able to play Fortnite for “an experience like no other, filled with magical new realities and a record-breaking superstar”.

Fortnite is a place for the imagination and the impossible,” said Phil Rampulla, Head of Brand at Epic Games. “With Rift Tour, we’re bringing a musical journey to a life that players can experience, feel, and join alongside their friends.


“We can’t wait to reveal our chart-topping headliner, and can’t wait for fans around the world to celebrate with us.”

In other news, EA has revealed a new gameplay trailer for FIFA 2022 alongside an in-depth development blog detailing over 40 improvements the studio have made to the game including, what they’re calling “the biggest animation refresh in FIFA history”.

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