Josef Fares says making films is like “taking a vacation” compared to games

It Takes too much effort

Josef Fares has spoken out about how much harder it is to create games compared to feature films.

In an interview with The Washington Post,  the creative director of It Takes Two said that when he returns to film making “it’ll be like taking a vacation.”

“As someone who’s been on both sides, doing six feature films and now four games, I’m telling you: When I go back and make a movie — which I will someday in the future — it’ll be like taking a vacation”


He went on to explain that in games, “we have an extreme amount of different mechanics, and we need to take them to a level where it makes sense, polish-wise. Not only that, we had to create bosses, enemies and all that, and every boss takes around six to nine months to create. How it functions for the player is around five to six minutes of play, but it’s an extreme amount of stuff in the background.”

It Takes Two
It Takes Two. Credit: Hazelight Studios

Comparing games to films, Fares said: “It’s interactive entertainment. You have your audience going loose, and you’re creating everything from the ground up, – [in films] you have an actor, you have a human being, you have a voice, you have movement, you have environment, you have sound, you have over 100 years of how to plan a movie and do a script. … And it’s a much more controllable medium.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he said he has no ill will towards major film awards, but stands by his comments about games deserving more respect from Hollywood.

“When I came to Game Awards 2017, everybody was talking like, ‘This is the Oscars of games,’ So onstage, me being me, instantly in my head I was like, ‘Fuck the Oscars, we’re having a great time.’ That was where it came from. It wasn’t a statement that I think the Oscars are bad.”


In other news, Sony has shut down servers for three of the most popular PlayStation Vita exclusive titles.

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