Joy-Con drift on Nintendo Switch seemingly fixed with cardboard

Paper as thick as a business card should do the trick

A YouTuber seems to have figured out how to ‘permanently’ fix the infamous Joy-Con drift problem on Nintendo Switch using nothing more than a bit of cardboard. 

YouTuber ‘VK’s Channel’ released a video on July 14 outlining the hardware problem, and how they appear to have found a way to fix it. VK’s Channel says in the video “it seems that increasing the pressure on the Joy-Con makes the drift disappear, if I keep holding [then] the drift is gone. But as soon as I release it the drift comes back.”

The fix itself involves a very small and thin piece of cardboard, which is placed on the metal enclosure under the stick on the Joy-Cons internal motherboard. They added that “this Joy-Con has not drifted again, and it’s been about two months [since] I fixed it.”


VK’s Channel goes on to explain why this works as well, saying that over time screws in the thumbsticks come loose, which means in turn that the metal pads will loosen from them as well. This can be combated with paper as thick as a business card, as it pushes the metal plate and the thumbstick back together and restores contact, which stops the drift.

In the video VK’s Channel notes that a screw can hold the metal plate and upper plastic part of the stick together, which would also fix the problem. He adds: “there you go Nintendo, I fixed your problem.”

Nintendo Switch. Credit: Nintendo.

At the start of this year, the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) called on Nintendo to investigate the Joy-Con drift problem, the pro-consumer group said “in the vast majority of cases – 88 per cent – Nintendo Switch owners reported issues with their Joy-Con controllers within the first two years of use.”


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