‘Jumanji: The Curse Returns’ is out now on PC and mobile

Hopefully a stampede doesn’t come out of your screen

Jumanji: The Curse Returns aims to take the board game from the classic adventure film in a whole new direction, and it’s available now on PC and mobile.

Developed by Marmalade Games, the title brings the board game from the 1995 movie to life as a four-player adventure, either with AI or other players. It also adds a series of mini games based around events from the film.

A trailer for the game can be seen below:


Locations from the film – including the Parrish mansion attic, the shoe factory, and the Sir-Sav-A-Lot – are also in the game. Players will need to work together in co-op to banish the invading jungle back to into the board game via real-time combat and decisions. If the creatures of the jungle beat the player, that area of the town will be lost. Just like the original film, reaching the centre of the board ends the game in victory.

The game’s website reads: “In every round you’ll be working together, matching the correct items from your stash with those needed to send the perils back into the board. Face crocodiles, elephants, rhinos, and more, plus creeping jungle vines that will try to ensnare you all.”

There are also 300 copies of Jumanji: The Curse Returns being given away between iOS, Android, and Steam. All entrants need to do is tweet at Marmalade Game Studio with a picture of themselves with their own copy of the original film. More can be learned about the competition and entry requirements here.

In other news, a Minecraft mod finally makes plants actually 3D, instead of them just being flat 2D textures. More additions will be coming to the mod over time, as it sets out to improve the game’s flora.



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