‘King’s Bounty 2’ moves toward ‘epic fantasy adventure’

Turn-based tactical RPG ‘King’s Bounty 2’ is going in a new direction

King’s Bounty 2 developer 1C Entertainment confirmed that the sequel will be more of an “epic fantasy adventure” than the original game.

Based on the classic turn-based fantasy RPG, King’s Bounty 2 is taking an ambitious step towards the likes of Mass Effect and Fable. The reveal trailer for the game is available below:


“[It’s] moving towards this epic fantasy adventure – this is not a small indie title,” said developer Nikolay Baryshnikov. “This is one of the biggest productions we’ve done in Moscow so far.”

The original King’s Bounty was released in 1990 and saw the player taking on waves of monsters in top-down combat to protect their kingdom. While the franchise matured into isometric tactical combat, King’s Bounty 2 is planning to take it a step further.

“In the previous games the battlefield was always flat surface – we’re now bringing the battlefield into 3D. We have line of sight. Archers will do extra damage for high ground… moving the battle into 3D is a huge step forward.”

King’s Bounty has already seen a number of sequels and spin-offs, but 1C Entertainment has confirmed that King’s Bounty 2 will not follow the narrative of any of the previous titles.

“The game will not follow on from any previous games,” said Baryshnikov. “The previous King’s Bounty’s were all disconnected. It was not an epic RPG adventure – it was more about battling random monsters on the map. King’s Bounty 2 is really an epic adventure.”

But it’s not all change – fans of the series will be pleased to know that it remains a tactical game at heart. “King’s Bounty is not an action RPG – it’s an interesting cross breed of a high fantasy roleplaying game with a tactical core.”


“I was a huge fan of XCOM – this is something we’re trying to achieve with King’s Bounty. A modern game that works well with a modern understanding of how games should look. We are trying to enhance it in every way.”

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